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At Challenge The Way You Think we have a number of services which help you and your business reach the highest level of success and productivity 

Building BusinessStrategies for the future

Challenge The Way you Think only works with the best people and all our strategy work is provided by David Anderson from Stand Consulting. David walks you through the process of strategy design with the customer as the key focus.


Check out his website: and give him a call.

Operating Model Design

Once you have your strategy agreed, the design of your operating model can begin. How you operate your business to meet the outcomes of your strategy is an important success factor. Challenge The Way You Think works with you to design the way you operate your business so you can then form a structure of people to deliver.

Organisational Structure Development 

Adapting to a changed world will take a different approach to the way we plan and design the future. Challenge The Way You Think walks businesses through the process of organisational design to meet operating model objectives and strategic goals. These services include:

  • Structure design

  • High level definition of roles and creation of job descriptions 

  • Financial cost of your structure

Competency Assessment

Challenge the way you think develops competency scorecards to measure key competencies across the various levels of each role. We also develop scorecards to measure organizational behavior and culture.  The following steps are included in our service offering:

  • Competency scorecards developed

  • Master scorecard determined across roles

  • Competency assessments

  • Analysis and reporting

  • Recommendations for training and development

Change Management

Change management addresses the people, process and technology areas of transformation and change. Our change management consulting specializes in developing and executing change that suits your business. We do not believe in ‘one size fits all’ and work with you extensively to plan and implement change that will ensure the best outcomes for your business. 

Health & Wellness Specialist Coaching

More than ever before the health and wellbeing of our people is needed to pull businesses through the challenging times ahead.


Challenge the way you think continues to offer specialized coaching that focuses on individual change plans for your staff. All coaching incorporates change management principles at an individual level and includes:

  • Having a person understand their current situation

  • Establishing what they need to do now

  • Managing change for themselves

  • What they can do to help others – using their strengths and talents

  • What do they need to know about the future and how do they go about learning more?

  • Having a plan and how to work it

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